April 17th – Latest update

9:30 p.m. – Details are a bit sketchy, but a suspect in a Boulder Creek robbery, with warrants out of Sonoma and Monterey County for robbery and burglary, had eluded police so far tonight, but according to my sources has been down here since last night, approaching friends of mine at the Pub last night, pulling a knife on several locals last night and this morning, as well as accosting a couple of women early this morning near Nepenthe.  Current reports are that this fugitive, reportedly Dimitri Storm, led police on a high speed chase, and then went into Palo Colorado Canyon.

At this time, Wednesday at 9:30 pm, reports are still coming in, and information cannot be confirmed, although some of my sources had contact with this individual, and other sources are with law enforcement.

More information as it becomes available.

7 thoughts on “Suspect

  1. Not good. Thank God, rare in Big Sur. Hope a fine central coast mountain pioneer loaded for bear is the confronting party leading to capture. And that anyone knowing anyone on Palo sends a warning, lots of places to hide and empty houses. Take care all. Remember your stalwart roots. How come nobody at the pub or Nepenthe girls took him down.

  2. When he approached us at the Pub he wasn’t quite as loaded/drunk as when he pulled the knife that evening. He was just being an obnoxious scumbag who wanted to get rid of his grandmother’s jewelery.

  3. The suspect stole a car and left the canyon this morning, the car was found in the Highlands. No one was harmed, thankfully. Good riddance to him.

  4. I talked with local DFG warden, Brendan Lynch on Saturday afternoon, and he said that there were reports of him being seen in the Ventana Wilderness.
    Today, there were unconfirmed reports of him being seen at Plaskett.
    Just this evening, around 7pm, a character that appeared to be him, was spotted walking north on HWY 1, near Gorda Mountain’s driveway. Suzi and Shawna Garritson , in the office, called 911, and hopefully a law enforcement officer got to check and confirm, if the person walking is or is not the fugitive. We are all on alert around here, locking our doors, and keeping a watchful eye on each other, here around the school.

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