Storm not in Big Sur

Monday night, just before midnight Storm picked up a hitchhiker at the San Mateo/Santa Cruz county line, according to KSBW. When he pulled over at a scenic spot and told her he had a knife, she called 911. He took off on foot. Later, a car was reported stolen on Pqge Mill Rd in Palo Alto, that police believe is Storm’s handiwork.

At least it would appear that he is out of our area for the time being.

4 thoughts on “Storm not in Big Sur

  1. For some reason I have no idea what you’ve said. You’re the weather-maven, who is Storm if not a what storm. If Who Storm picked up a hitchhiker why did he run from the car. But I’m glad the girl is okay and called 911.
    In any and all events, Santa Cruz has an open arms policy for transient maniacs they feed before sending them off to commit mahem. Probably Palo Alto, too. Au revoir, reprobate. He sure does like showin’ off that knife. Big Sur’s not an such easy trail.

  2. Dimitri Storm has been wrecking havoc among at least three counties since March 31st, and was in and around Big Sur for a week, stealing cars, threatening people with a knife, eluding police, and otherwise causing havoc. Police have lost track of the number of cars he has stolen, all toll. He is on three counties most wanted lists, including Monterey. He seems to favor rural areas, although I would not call Page Mill Rd “rural” although I like to take the back roads to the VA in Palo Alto, and take Page Mill Rd for its rural feel.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  3. it’s also important to remember that this guy is extremely mentally ill. he’s not just a criminal running around wreaking havoc, he’s off his rocker.

  4. Storm was arrested on Tuesday in Berkeley, according to KCBS.

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