Springs Wildfire

7:00 am – this Springs fire has now grown to 10,000 acres. There is another fire of similar size, the Panther fire up in Northern California. It started on May 1, but is not threatening any homes, so is getting a lot less media attention.

5:00 am – Overnight, this fire exploded to over 8,000 acres. PCH is closed at the LA/Ventura Co. Line. It has reached the great blue fire break and is traveling laterally. Over 1000 personnel are fighting this fire, and mandatory evacuations are in place in several areas. The wall of fire video taken during the night and shown on CBS’s National News was astounding. As XT asks, has a fire of this magnitude ever happened this early in the season before? Very spooky.

One thought on “Springs Wildfire

  1. Terrible. I haven’t seen pictures yet but I’m sure they abound, I hope it’s quickly contained. I heard on the news last night “the fire had reached the ocean” which seemed foreign phrasing indeed.
    Thank you for the updates, Kate. There is much to reassure in your authoritative reports.

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