New Fires at Monterey/SLO Co line?

UPDATE: both local incidents contained. Tres Pinos final acreage was 400. On another note, Springs was up to 28,000 acres, PCH still closed, and a VLAT, the DC-10 is on tap for Saturday.

1:15 pm – Tres Pinos has jumped the road, now 100 acres and making a run.

1:00 pm – BEU is requesting diversion of aircraft from the Bradley incident to the Tres Pinos incident at Highway 25 where a 5 acres brushfire with a rapid ROS is threatening homes. BEU is the call sign for Monterey/San Benito Cal Fire.

12:30 pm – KION just tweeted of spot fires at the SLO/Monterey county line, and Cal Fire tweeted of diversion of resources from Springs Fire to SLO. Monterey Strike Team and a unit from Ft Hunter Leggett have responded to 20 small fires along Highway 101. Speculation is that it was probably someone pulling a trailer, dragging a chain.

3 thoughts on “New Fires at Monterey/SLO Co line?

  1. Oh jeez, Kate. Sounds like fire season is off to a running start.
    Take good care.

  2. so sad, we had a huge devastating fire here around 4 years ago, the Trabing Fire as a truck passing on Highway 1 was backfiring or something.

    I wish people were more aware that these things caused problems and be more pro-active.

  3. Thanks for the info, Kate.
    Haven’t heard any reports since your updates above but for an earlier one, the headed-to-Malibu is getting under control and no houses lost including some brilliant work whereby firemen extinguished flames 5 feet from someone’s doorstep!
    though apparently somewhere along Hwy 1 fire ran to the ocean.
    Let it all be the first and last….. coast, country, world.

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