Thunder & Lightning in Nor Cal

report from Nor Cal – “[W]e are right in the middle of it at the Butte Co/Yuba Co. line, near Pike Co. Lookout. (Lat 39.4747; Long 121.2023) only a few drops of rain with the first round here, but lots of lightning and thunder.”

This same storm brings the possibility of thunder and lightning tomorrow to our area.

Also, first fire of season in LPNF, down by Highway 166. It is only 10 acres, contained on three sides, by pre-positioned USFS FF. Nice!

8 thoughts on “Thunder & Lightning in Nor Cal

  1. The mysteries of weather. It suddenly occurs to me that months were (in the olden days) sharply defined by their weather, including the ol’ in like lion out like lamb March, April showers, warming May, and ‘perfect something’ kind of day.
    I have enough trouble rising from the sleepy twighlight of a nap not knowing if I wake in the day that was or the one due next. On top of which I discover I can no longer head out the door and figure the month. Don’t send a care-taker/giver. I know what year it is (most of the time) and how many fingers you’re holding up. I’m still me, the calendar’s different. But who put the Uggs on my feet.

  2. LOL, who, indeed? I do okay with the months, except at change over, but dates are becoming a real challenge since I retired. Thank god I have a calendar on my iPad. Come to think of it, I have everything on my iPad. Maybe it’s my caretaker?

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  3. That is so incredibly funny and Rod Serlingish.
    If one day the iPad says,
    just leave the room, fast.

  4. Electricity bearing cumulus clouds lining the central Sierras today. Covering a snow pack below that is 17% of normal for this date. Shades of 2008 I fear. Not enough fuel load built up since the Basin in Ventana so Big Sur will likely be watching from the sidelines. The Sierras are way over due. Hard to guess where an who but old timers would have a hard time remembering a more ominous April.

  5. Yes, but the Silver Peak Wilderness hasn’t burned since the Gorda-Rat fire of 1985. Kirk-hare was 1995, but it burned again in the Chalk Fire of 2008. Plaskett 2 was 2000. I am hoping for a sidelines view, myself.

    For the State, I do fear.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  6. Let’s not forget Palo, folks. Hasn’t burned much since the fifties. Gonna be a long fire season up there.

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