Waking to a different Season

Do you feel like you woke up on a different planet? Amazing extremes from yesterday to today – clear, hot, dry summer conditions yesterday. Today? Windy, cold, damp winter conditions. If not a different planet, definitely a different season from yesterday.

Now that I’ve let the dogs out, and back in, rolled up the windows on my Jeep, changed from light T-shirt and shorts sleeping gear to Merino wool sweater and sweats, I think I’ll hibernate for a while. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

2 thoughts on “Waking to a different Season

  1. Happy Cinco de Mayo. Juarez discovers he’s bankrupt. Says, Okay for 2 years we stop paying back loans. Europe gets pissed, sends troops, the Brits negotiate, leave. Napoleon III likes the look of a southern base and declares war. America’s Civil War ending we send soldiers to help Mexico. With an army half the size of the Frenchies, the Europeans get squashed. The wild west pioneer Americans post Civil War troops celebrate with Mexican amigos declaring independence from foreign invaders. The olden days, shared independence. It’s not just the climate that changed.

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