Hiker at Salmon Creek breaks leg, rescue underway

A hiker in Salmon Creek has broken his leg, and rescue is underway. An ambulance has been dispatched from Cambria, and a helicopter has landed at Ragged Point. Cal Fire is assisting in rescue attempt, probably our own Fire Brigade members as well, as they know the area well.

3 thoughts on “Hiker at Salmon Creek breaks leg, rescue underway

  1. My husband & I were there on the Salmon Creek Trail with the hiker. We were finishing up our hike when we crossed paths with the hiker’s mom in a panic. She told us what had happened & we went back to find him as she drove back to Ragged Point to get cell service & call 911. Joe (the injured hiker) ended up with a broken left wrist, a broken hip, a shattered pelvis, a dislocated & broken knee, his tibia & fibia of both legs broken & both ankles broken. My husband and 2 other hikers (Rayna & Jason) stayed with him & kept him alert & comfortable. I went back to the trail head & led the rescuers to Joe. He was air lifted from Ragged Point. My husband & I continue to think of Joe and pray for a complete recovery for him.

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