Accident closes Highway One temporarily

Around 4:00 pm this afternoon, a local truck which landed upside down on Highway One, just north of Lucia, closed both lanes of traffic for a period of time. The truck was up at Morning Glory Ranch and rolled or slid off the road. Unconfirmed reports were that one person was trapped inside. The photo seems to indicate that may not be correct. in any event, confirmed reports indicate no one was hurt, thank goodness.


Photos by Brendon Shave

4 thoughts on “Accident closes Highway One temporarily

  1. The adventures of coastal living. Glad no injuries.
    Just bye the bye…Recent rash of carjackings in FLA wherein the victim is locked in their own car’s trunk and joyridden between ATM stops.
    Which prompted me to look up how to get out of a car trunk.
    Which produced a fascinating lot of info I think on WikiHow: finding or installing a trunk release (cars built after 2004 or something come with), how to use what tools like jack etc in trunk, keeping food/water in there, kicking out taillights, and then a plethora of solutions to
    IFs….You are half balanced over a cliff. Your car is going down in a lake. It was fascinating, good emergency stuff if a little scary.
    They didn’t include truck upside down on Highway 1, but it was useful info.

  2. Perhaps the truck had no driver when it went over. I can’t imagine no injuries to someone in that crushed cab!

  3. That’s what I think happened. And the party responsible, had borrowed the truck from a friend, who will not be happy, I’m sure.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  4. We are looking for morning glory in the big dur area can you help us?
    Service for Correy Eskridge is happening sat. 8-18-15

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