The saga continues …

April found Missy added to my menagerie … And all the work that entailed. May found Missy going through heat … And all the work that entails. June found Missy with a bad cut, and eventually, 10-12 stitches, and not allowed outside for 10 days … and all the work that entails. oh boy, try to keep a young border collie quiet and calm? Lots of work.

This is the major reason I haven’t been”keeping up” with my blog. I really wanted to go to the Muster today, but she can’t be left alone.

Here is our progression …



To get from thereto here requires some assistance ..



If you clicked on the notification email link, this wasn’t up, yet, only the title and a notice. That was my fault. While I was composing this last night, for publication this morning, I accidentally “published” and sent out notifications prematurely. Hope I never do that again.

9 thoughts on “The saga continues …

  1. Hi Kate, For some reason I am not able to view this post on your blog today. Have you heard from others the same thing? Perhaps the service is just down. I’ll wait until it comes back, but I  wanted you to know that I for one at least, can’t access it. Thanks for keeping us posted on so many different important things Lois


  2. HATE to make mistakes but a long time ago I discovered everyone makes them… its what you do about them that counts. My plan
    1. recognize mistake
    2. apologize if needed
    3. fix it
    4. NEVER make the same mistake again!!

    Works for me in work, marriage, life…. and its so much easier than trying to be perfect… which is, imho, IMPOSSIBLE!

    Thanks for the saga,,, absolutely identify. Being the leader of your or our pack is wondrous and a HUGE responsibility!

  3. We’re enjoying the continuing saga of Missy, the mystery dog. She has been a loving challenging member of the household!

  4. I’m glad Missy is healing. Do the Calming Chews help keep her calm?

  5. So glad to learn the Missy is healing. I was wondering why there had not been updates for awhile regarding your adventures with Missy. Remember that she is a gift and she is lucky to have found you. Love your Blog as it keeps me informed even though I am 3200 miles away.

  6. She got her stitches out today. One little bloody spot, but not bad. She was a trooper! Going to keep the cone on for one more day, then take it off tomorrow and see if she leaves it alone.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

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