19 Firefighters lost in AZ



Our thoughts and prayers are with family, friends, and co-workers.


Wildland firefighter foundation (click link to be taken there, and make a donation in memory of this hotshot crew)
The Wildland Firefighter Foundation, a nonprofit organization, provides emergency financial assistance to the families of fallen firefighters, and helps support their young children. Families left behind often find themselves with few resources, and the Foundation steps in to help.

This wonderful organization was already on top of getting to the families of these fallen firefighters. The foundation is short on funds, especially for this many firefighters, so put out a call to all firefighters to donate. You don’t have to be a firefighter to donate.

4 thoughts on “19 Firefighters lost in AZ

  1. Our community is devastated. The loss of this team, which had just performed heroically to assist in taming the Doce fire, is huge. Almost all lost were our friends and neighbors.

  2. Oh, Janice. I am so sorry. I had forgotten that this is where you moved to. That many young men and women in one incident is just too much to bear for any community.

    WildlandFire Foundation is a good organization that helps the family and co-workers, and anyone can donate in their names. I will post additional info this afternoon.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  3. Too horrible to hear this, the best and bravest and finest. I am so sorry for these heroic rescuers. The nation grieves this dreadful loss. My prayers and love to their courageous families, their children, their friends and neighbors.

  4. I second Kate’s comments about the Wildland Fire Foundation – a good and honest group of people.
    There is also a push to have these men awarded the President’s Citizens Medal of Honor (not sure I have that name right). The petition must be signed by a huge number of people, so I’ve been trying to pass the information on where I can.
    Perhaps Kate can post the information if this is an appropriate place to do that.

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