Weather, 7/2/13

The Bay Area NWS modified today’s forecast to include a slight possibility of rain, which i noted on twitter. I don’t know why I was up at 5:30, but I happened to glance out my window westward several minutes later (7 or 8) and saw what I thought was two lightning strikes. Then I thought I was hallucinating, but I tweeted Bay Area NWS anyway, and they said:

@bigsurkate Our lightning detection network just showed two strikes off the Big Sur Coast.. You’re not imagining.

Later, NWSBayArea said they were about 60 miles out.

Yesterday at 9:00 am, the outside temp recorded as 105 F. Last night it got below 85 for the first time since Friday – a cool 82. Needless-to-say, sleep is a hard commodity to come by.


5 thoughts on “Weather, 7/2/13

  1. I agree, Eagle Eyed Kate, you’ve got great sensors.
    There’s a great climate reversal in these parts seems to me. Couple of years back Big Sur was so cool all spring and summer, which was unusual because you could always feel the heat on you just driving south on Highway 1. CV used to be all heat. This (CV) spring and summer have been way cool, and now with all the heat waving going on we still are. Reaching 80 continues to surprise and I’ve had to put the heater on more than one morning to speed off the chill, and the Uggs have stayed on. I suspect Cachagua is more a match for what you’re getting but have no authoritative reports from there. Gallery visitors from San J and Santa C say it’s hot hot hot north of us.

  2. Weirdly warm weather up north here, too. More like what we normally get for a few days in August. DO NOT like it one bit.

  3. Woke up, had that, this is fire weather feeling, saw buildups out to sea, thought, are those thunderheads? …. You know how it is, Kate, old fire lookouts keep on looking out… and my heart is so heavy for those 19 hotshots

  4. Soaring, the news is really bad for tomorrow to the north in Sac and Sierras – expecting lightning AND high temps!

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

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