High Speed Chase

6:15 pm – woman stopped, and subsequently arrested, in Morro Bay after spike strips laid down on highway one.

4:55 pm – passed the county line.

100-mph high speed chase from Marina to Big Sur

Published On: Jul 02 2013 04:14:10 PM PDT
Updated On: Jul 02 2013 04:36:55 PM PDT

MARINA, Calif. –
A high speed chase was set off in Marina Tuesday when a woman driving a white Jeep refused to pull over and zoomed 100-mph on Highway 1 and Highway 68.

The chase started at 3:05 p.m. and was still going at 4:30 p.m.

With California Highway Patrol officers racing behind her and a CHP helicopter flying overhead, the women drove up Del Monte Boulevard, Highway 1, Blanco Road, and Reservation Road. She then drove westbound along Highway 68 to Monterey, and continued on Highway 1 through Carmel and Big Sur.

The high speed pursuit was nearing the San Louis Obispo county line at 4:30 p.m.

CHP officer Robert Lehman said investigators do not know why she fled, nor why she was driving erratically around Marina before the chase began.

Emergency dispatchers said the Jeep was registered to a Marina woman named Kathleen Palmer.

7 thoughts on “High Speed Chase

  1. Zowie, outlaw. That’s a damn long chase at 100 mph. That she wasn’t bouncing off cars and pedestrians is interesting. One skilled driver. I take it they didn’t nab her so who’s hillside in Big Sur is she in under what bay leaf tree.

  2. Dark colored SUV, not white. We saw the chase at Sand Dollar, then passed by the scene in Morro Bay quite a while later, as we returned home. Dark colored SUV was in the ditch on the west side of the highway, and there were many CHP officers in the intersection. (Only 2 blocks from our house) She was hauling ass through Sand Dollar with a CHP car and 2 cycles behind her, but couldn’t have possibly drove 100 mph most of the way, due to the terrain. We expected to see the car off the road.

  3. WTF WHO CARES,and what news is of deferential, I guess to OBJECT,— maybe Cause, “as in a young one’s answer to Why?—Because—WE CAN and we DO

  4. She was in a black Jeep Cherokee & made it to Morro Bay where she wrecked it at Yerba Buena. She’s in custody.

  5. She almost killed my wife and I just north of Lucia when she was passing cars. We were north bound around a blind corner to find her head on in our lane with two CHP cars and motorcycle on her tail. Feel BLESSED to be alive. We were traveling in a VW bug.

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