Tassajara Fire, day two

1:00 pm – posted on wildlandfire, Cal Fire is being released, must not be any structure threats.

10:00 – acreage mapped at 169. 0% containment. Crews being flown in for direct attack. The smoke I have been watching all morning is quite dark. Still less than yesterday.

6:30 am – USFS is saying the forward motion of the fire has stopped, but it is still shaky. Today will tell the tale.

From here, the smoke is much less this am than it was last night.

5 thoughts on “Tassajara Fire, day two

  1. Thank you Kate.
    We’ve had a lot of morning/night fog all summer and a sprinkle of rain or two with it. Not much but hopefully enough to repel, in Carmel Valley and hopefully out to Tassajara, though they’ve had more heat. Hoping for the best.

  2. Kate, as always, you’re the gem of the reporting on wildfire. Thanks for all you do!
    — Kelly O’Brien, President, Board of Directors, KUSP 88.9

  3. Still hard to put a ‘like’ to this one except for the part about it seeming less troublesome… still sounds a bit shaky though.

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