3 thoughts on “Wild Fire, Santa Cruz

  1. Funny coincidence here. Last week, friends up revisiting property they once owned in Santa Cruz mountains found the usual hoards of pot growers and meth mixers tucked away on red-tagged land. The surprise was these were an enclave of dread-locked blonds with blue eyes….from Israel ! Hoorah open borders. Fiction that impoverished strawberry picking Mexicans wanting to feed their starving families are sneaking across the Rio Grande for a better life, well hello, this is becoming Cartel Coast. And nobody is starving who is in on it. But every now and then, they start fires.

  2. Here are the pictures I shot of this fire today… and Google Plus even automatically animated my sequence of the helicopter landing in the parking lot:


    Usually all of my fire photos end up at http://fire.ddphoto.cc but Flickr was down for maintenance today, so I tossed them up on Google Plus instead. Thanks for following my @xcz_wildland account, I’ll try to keep people up to date on some of the fires in the northern parts of the Monterey Bay!

  3. There have been an unusual number of small wild fires in the woods around Santa Cruz this year. Locations appear often to be associated with transient “campsites”.
    A transient was arrested last week for setting three fires in Henry Cowell State Park. Frightening.

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