11 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s details

  1. Gosh , what have you been ingesting , room’s or jane ,,, it is the look of Fall .

  2. What a brilliant idea, and title, do a book.
    I have always admired too, the graceful sway and movement inside what looks immovable, because, of course, it is not.

  3. The photos of the bark of a tree are so cool, Kate. I am chuckling to myself about an attempt at painting tree bark early on in my watercolor endeavors. It came out so miserable, I’ve never tried an up close and personal study of bark, since!

  4. It is complicated, but I’ve never known you to back away from a challenge! Download that pine bark, and try it again! If you need me to send it to you, I can try. No reciprocating with a painting, though, just post to your blog when you get one you like! 😉

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  5. Thank you! I downloaded the two of the roots, 4 and 5 in the order you have them. I think I might be able to create something with watercolor and rice paper in an abstract way using them for reference. Thankyou so much for that, Kate. I don’t know how soon I’ll get to them but teach a class on that in the spring and I’m always practicing. I will reference you when I do something from them.

  6. Anytime, Leslie! You have life-time rights to grab whatever you want from me, and if you ever need a better quality photo, I’ll send an original. I have a new FOTO Friday coming up next Friday. I’ve got the next 3 set up, and will continue as long as it doesn’t get stale for me or my readers!

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

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