New and Improved Weather Report

UPDATE 10/29 – total for the storm, .26, as of 7:00, but my gauge is indicating I just got .01″ as I was typing this.

For my first new and improved weather report: it rained last night, it was windy last night, and still gusts up to 25 mph this am. No, seriously, I have some figures for you. I even took photos of the readings on my station, but can’t seem to get them mailed to myself, so I’ll summarize. Overnight, I got .10″ but .08″ came at one time, at around the same time as the maximum wind; maximum wind was 39 mph at 2:49 am; low temp was 39 with a wind chill factor of 32. It is only 42 degrees currently, at 8:30 am.

Okay, I promise, I won’t give a blow-by-blow report throughout the winter – only significant events. I’m just a gal playing with her new toy this am! Really, pretty nice, gentle storm for the first of the season. Hmmm … To build a fire, or not build a fire … It is 61 degrees inside.

Since I wrote the above, a long time ago, another .05″ has fallen, for a total of .17″ for the storm. I built a fire and it is up to 73 this afternoon. Fur kids and I tucked in – warm, dry, and cozy!

6 thoughts on “New and Improved Weather Report

  1. Heheheh…your funny. I’m a weather geek so I totally get where your at Kate.
    Keep on enjoying your new toy and I for one will enjoy the details. Love & miss you sista.

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