The Wonderful sound of wet!

11:45 am – 1.24″. 1/2 hour ago the maimum rain rate per hour was 1.5″. My cute weather station keep flashing back between that and “It’s raining cats ‘n dogs.” A computer with a sense of humor!

10:00 am – .70″ YAY! Wow, the AT&T Pro Am at Pebble Beach suspended play and brought in the players due to the weather!

I woke at 4:00 am to .08″ of rain, and now, at 7:30 am it is up to .28″. Even the dogs didn’t want to stay out very long, and one refused to go out at all! Let us hope this continues, although NOAA is expecting the rain to taper off by noon or earlier. As all us Californians know, any little bit is greatly applauded.

4 thoughts on “The Wonderful sound of wet!

  1. It is lovely, Kate. Hoorah for all the recent spectacular clouds above. Looks like we’re in for some catch-up. I think I just heard radio report of 2-3 feet of snow predicted in the Sierra Nevadas by the weekend. Suddenly I’m looking for tarps. Haven’t thought about water-proof anything for a year. I put the umbrella over my easel in the garden.

  2. Just over 1.25 inches at the top of Happy Hill in Cambria by 11:30am. Raining “cars & dogs here, too. I was debating the wisdom of going to work considering all the falling rock zones I’ll be traversing, not to mention what the homeward bound trip would entail later. Now that I know the rain will be tapering soon, I think I’ll go for it. Got my safety vest, bicycle helmet, road flares and rake loaded in the car and got my rain suit and hiking boots, too.

  3. Kate,
    Wanted to send along a hello, and let you know I appreciate your blog, as many do up and down the coast and beyond.
    No need to approve the comment to be published. Just letting you know I’m out here.
    All the best,

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