At 9:30 this evening there were reports of rain in Santa Cruz, and accidents at the Summit of 17. If true, it is arriving early, but a very welcome guest that we’d like to stick around!

~ by bigsurkate on February 5, 2014.

6 Responses to “Storms”

  1. Pineapple Express? It’s been awhile.


  2. Pouring just south of Mal Paso east of 1.

    Kate, would you post your weather monitoring info and recomemend what you would get if starting out afresh (alas the Pfeiffer Fire!). The same or something different? Minimally we want to measure wind, rain, barometer etc. We would be grateful for good source if you know one. Anne & John


  3. Raining here in Sacramento area as well….bring it on!


  4. Anne, I have weather Vue by Davis which I got from Amazon. It is really the best amateur weather station. Don’t know if Amazon is the best source, but I use them because I trust them, prices reasonable, and service good.


  5. do you know which model you have and was it easy to set up?


  6. Very easy to set up. Model is vantage Vue

    bigsurkate on iPhone



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