Upcoming Week

While I completely LOVED the rain, and like everyone, I am praying for more, today was a nice change from the last four days. Sunny, gorgeous, summer-like – including looking down at fog on the coast. Our drought is the lead story on the CBS Evening News tonight, while the East and South are preparing for another horrific snow storm. Here, this week is expected to be warm and sunny. I’d like to get away from my computer, away from the Internet, and start working in a dreadfully, woefully neglected garden. So, if you don’t hear from me, check outside in the dirt!

And just for grins … Something I found on FB. 😉


~ by bigsurkate on February 11, 2014.

4 Responses to “Upcoming Week”

  1. Love this my friend….now get out in that garden and play….haha


  2. Kate:

    I agree. It is nice to see some blue sky and lovely scenery.
    On another note, I spoke yesterday with Dick Bauman of Del Rey Oaks, a 90 year-old longtime Ventana hiker: — about the Herald photo you posted recently. namely, of the Los Burros Mine and miners from the 50s. He confirmed that the photo was correctly labeled. He himself help those individuals in some of their mining operations.

    Best, Paul Danielson


  3. Actually, I have it rom Doyle’s old partner that it is the Ancona (he might have mistyped the Anaconda).

    bigsurkate on iPhone



  4. I’ve always heard it as “Ancona” from Ken, Lincoln, & Pappy.


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