Saturday Among the Tourists

So, today, I’m braving the tourists and traveling down to Cambria to have lunch with a friend and do a bit of Cookie Crocking. It is President’s weekend. (Isn’t it early? Or is it just me?) There are high clouds and little sun. Yesterday was gorgeous up here, so I postponed this trip in order to catch a few rays on the deck. Today is a good day to wander on down. I’ll take pics, and if anything worthwhile finds its way into my camera, I’ll upload later.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Among the Tourists

  1. What lives we lead, we of the central coast, not 1 gale force blizzard. Heavenly is it not. Got a portrait commission Thursday!! Catching up re-stocking the pantry, bottle of hootch, laundry, paint supplies, first trip to Grigg’s Nursery in months, and like you…cloud nine. Hats off to and hoorah for (some of) the Presidents. xxoo

  2. Just returned to the school from my town-run delivering fish all the way up to Oakland. The freeways were ok, but, the REAL traffic was Carmel, southward.There were continuous caravans of cars, particularly northbound. And there was some kind of incident at Soberanes Point and Garrapata. The southbound traffic was backed up toward Yankee Point. When I got through, it was cleared, with a wrecked car on a tow truck. Next, at Garrapata beach, there were various enforcement personnel, from NOAA, to DFG, to the CHP, parked along the road responding to what appeared to be something down at the beach. While I was driving southward, after sunset, the line of northbound cars was endless, even south of Big Sur, along the South Coast. Headlights in my face all the way!

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