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This boat was found on Garrapata Beach Saturday. Law Enforcement are on board checking it out. Capt. Lingcod drove by and posted below: “Next, at Garrapata beach, there were various enforcement personnel, from NOAA, to DFG, to the CHP, parked along the road responding to what appeared to be something down at the beach.”

In January, panga boats smuggling marijuana were found in Ventura and Santa Barbara, and in December, one was found north of Piedras Blanca. In 2013, 16,000 pounds of mj were found smuggled into California on panga boats, according to KCOY news in SLO.

Photo by Lisa Kleissner

Here is a link to Sunday evening’s Herald article: Hearld

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  1. Fascinating. Santa Cruz, too, at least 3 incidents just the same, cartel related. Seems a kind of sloppy delivery service. Must be new part-time job for knuckleheads. ”Okay, fill the boat with this stuff and when you’re 1/2 mile from shore jump out and swim somewhere, here’s ten bucks.” FedEx has to be cheaper than throwing away a whole boat. Maybe the boats are made in China.

  2. Interesting, also saw the “brew ha ha” that was occurring between 11 am & 5 pm, when passing Garrapata Beach. A young Hispanic friend of mine told me the other day, that owners of motels in town, treat their housekeeping staff like “boats”. I wondered at her choice of words. With this picture from Lisa Kleissner, I wonder no more.

  3. As I was reading about the Garrapata panga boat in yesterday’s (Mon) SLO Trib, I concluded that Garrapata was the northern most known point of an illegal panga boat landing until I read further in the article where it mentioned a recent one at Monastery Beach in Carmel. That’s the first time I’d heard about that one.

  4. The Carmel Pine Cone reported in Dec. about one that landed on Monastery Beach. I put a link to the article on this post, but it apparently disappeared into cyber space.

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

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