Bicycle Accident at Mud Creek Follow-up

I just received this comment for approval, and I thought my readers would be interested in this follow-up. Nice to know how he is doing! And we are all happy it turned out so well. It is attached to the story I did in Sept. of 2012 about the bicycle accident at Mud Creek. Thanks for writing, David!

Big Sur Kate and all those involved,
I want to first say THANK YOU!!!!!! words don’t say enough to thank all those who have helped me.
My name is David Clark( I am the Firefighter who was involved in the bicycle accident about 17 months ago in Sept 0f 2012 near mud creek outside of Gorda in Big Sur.
Im sorry its taken this long to find this site and write this thanks. I hope it finds all of those involved. Thanks To all of you amazing people who helped me I am doing much better. On the way to get back to work and full recovery! It was really close. Torn Spleen and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) all while using a helmet, thankfully! I dont want to be too long-winded on here, but there were and still are a lot of angels on my side!
If any of you have any questions, please feel free to email me. at above address.
And I’d love to hear from anyone who may have any and I mean ANY info about my accident. Still after all this time still trying to piece things together.
Thank you for this Site. It has been amazing for my friends, Family, and myself!
JUst remember the little things we do, can change lives forever, They changed mine!!!
Thank you!
David M Clark (

3 thoughts on “Bicycle Accident at Mud Creek Follow-up

  1. Good Lord. How incredibly touching. Whether or not Earth is all we have, the follow up or the pre-cursor, I’m glad, so glad David Clark is alive and well and wrote you here. What mysteries separate us from ends and beginnings. Appropos…3 days ago here on Sunday a local guy had a massive heartattack, which he survived. He’d gone outside to talk to a customer, offered a cookie, gone back in, had a heart attack at his desk. The customer, because of the cookie, popped back in to say goodbye. Saw him, administered CPR. Another customer, woman and her 14 year old son had stopped in. Called 911. The fire dept. and ambulance arrived and took over, they were brilliant, got a heartbeat, got him to CHOMP. The 14 yr old wants to be an EMS technician. A cookie altered the course of history. We live in times where CPR may be enough human touch to restore life, and is a modern skill. And a chocolate chip cookie can, if given the right time and place, produce resurrection. Hoorah for life. Easter has sprung up on the shelves of Safeway and all our dawns are golden.

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