Rain is here!

4:00 – This is Dave Allen’s take on these storms. Wind advisory start now!


Sweet! Look what’s coming:


1:30 – wind advisory just issued.

1:00 pm – in town. Rained on and off most of the way here, but hasn’t been any rain in town for last hour. At Jeep dealer, as it won’t go into Low Range, even though all of that was serviced a month ago! I’m not a happy camper, as it is impossible to come DOWN Plaskett in the mud without 4x4low. Did make it this am because I left early, it hadn’t rained but .2″ so not too muddy. Only slid 3 times!!

Sycamore Canyon closed to all but residents. PG & E warning about possible outages due to high winds and downed trees. Treat all downed wires as live, but you all know the drill. Be safe everyone!

7:30 am – It arrived at 7:25, earlier than expected. I was planning on getting out of here around 10, now, I may want to make that a bit earlier! It is currently raining at the rate of .22″ per hour. Watch for updates through out the day, but I will be traveling north, so updates will be sporadic.


3 thoughts on “Rain is here!

  1. Whahooie! Carmel Valley == raining in dark pre-dawn, very sweet heavy mist into real rainfall now, gentle but enough to hear and feel and soak everything.

  2. Love the Dave Allen depiction.
    Don’t go fishing today!
    Ahh, winter in Big Sur is to die for.

  3. It’s a cyclone parade! As the atmospheric river streams across the Pacific, delivering these gnarly, spiraling cyclonic storm systems, the flow shifts south, and the hose is aimed right at Cali. Get ready for a wild day tomorrow.

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