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  1. Darlingest Kate. Though it may sound peckish of me, much of my contact with Big Sur denizens equals Brooklyn’s, which is to say there was frequent identifying with a face and manner and environs, though not always a name or history to match. You write up brief memoriums to signal the cognescenti, and I, outside, long for knowing more. Indian Joe is a name I heard, I may have even met its owner. If possible I would so greatly appreciate even a simple line, a photograph, the briefest history, to help me mourn properly. And I am sorry for his loss of life. And the loss of Indian Joe to all who loved him enough to celebrate at Sand Dollar, which after all may include me.

  2. Is this the Joe I have known around the Jade Cove and Willow Creek area, also known as “Tall” or “Homeless Joe”. …a kind, gentle, and intelligent soul, with whom I have shared jade and stories over the years. Just last weekend, he was on the school playground, showing a young “grandson” how to throw and catch a ball. I invited them into the classroom for a quick watercolor lesson. They proudly left with a colorful little painting and a warm farewell.

  3. No, Dave. Indian Joe hasn’t been around for a long time. I haven’t seen him since he left Gorda Mtn, a decade or more ago. He was already dead by last weekend. He had cancer and had been at his daughter’s in the valley for quite a while.


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