Big Sur Ski Report (that got your attention)

I tried to post this when it happened, or the day after, or the day after that … But …

Here is a photo


~ by bigsurkate on April 6, 2014.

8 Responses to “Big Sur Ski Report (that got your attention)”

  1. We were travelling through the Salinas Valley as you were under snow clouds Kate. It was a beautiful site looking at what I believe was Chalk Mt. under such ominous cover. Thanks for the visual.


  2. purdy…


  3. This Canadian is HAPPY to see the The Sur-ians have been Baptized with a White Blessing.
    I’m on my way to The Sur to get The Spring …. any Colour YET ??


  4. Wow…it is just beautiful……


  5. Some color … But wild flowers are few. Hills are green, though.



  6. Utterly lovely. What a great catch!


  7. SNOW IN BIG SUR!!! You got our attention. Wish we were there.


  8. Thank you Kate. Beautiful! My Lutz grandchildren got to drive through it on way to school


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