Super Moon Rising

I shot this before 8 pm (everything rises earlier and sets later up here.) I don’t have a working tripod, so it’s the best I can do, but given what NOAA had to say about fog everywhere tonight, I thought those of you who couldn’t see it, might want to. I’ll get a moonrise shot, if I can. image

~ by bigsurkate on August 10, 2014.

4 Responses to “Super Moon Rising”

  1. Wow how stunning!!! What a universe we live in!!


  2. Thanks… I forgot until it was too late. We had fog, but the moon was showing through the mist when I finally made it outside to look (when your post came in). Might have added a touch of glamor if I’d managed a shot, but then who knows how thick the fog might have been where I didn’t have roofs and power lines in the way.


  3. Ingenious and beautiful shot. Fogged in all weekend, we’ve been getting a lot mornings and nights, the coast too around Carmel, so annoying, and thanks for the treat of seeing our moon from afar. The fogs come with heavy mist and sometimes rain, which is compensating. Middays sunny and warm, Carmel Valley Road busy. Concourse started I think, Lamborghini city.


  4. So where is the “Man in the Moon” I don’t see him in this photo ?


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