Rescue off of Nacimiento

A neighbor spent the last two hours watching a rescue that she though was in the Kirk Creek drainage. WildCAD reports this:

09/13/2014 09:42 LPF-2782
LION Medical Aid NACIMIENTO RD/S CST RDG RD M . 7EDW1 DIV1LPF E16LPF 4X4 PAT17LPF Q UT16 Pat 17 Effective 9/13/2014 @ 1025 . . 36.004 x 121.447

The incident was called LION? Does that mean it was a lion attack? I will try to find out.

11 thoughts on “Rescue off of Nacimiento

  1. I was up there when the helicopter landed on Nacimiento Rd. Someone along the road (not a first responder) said it was a hunting accident.

  2. I heard about that! SAR at the lab, car on its roof, possible hunting accident. Not to mention the bike ride earlier. It has been a busy Saturday, hasn’t it?


  3. we were the first trucks behind forestry and fish and game it looks like squirrel hunters messed up and one hunter shot the other it was bound to happen ive been hunting down in the gorda area for years and it continues to get worse a-lot of the hunters should never have passed hunter safety course my truck has been shot multiple times due to carelessness I hope they get find and have to pay for both helicopters and all rescue efforts hopefully our tax dollars don’t they need to be taught a lesson, i understand why big sur kate gets pissed off and that was me letting everyone no what had happened

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