Could it be?

Got this weather forecast in my box, but not holding my breath, especially this far south.

“A cold front will produce rain showers in Northern California on
Wednesday into Thursday. A few rain showers are expected to reach
as far south has Monterey Bay on Thursday.”

~ by bigsurkate on September 15, 2014.

8 Responses to “Could it be?”

  1. Kate: we have been waiting for news like this for a long time, a very nice birthday present for me this week, yippee!

    I have a Jade massage scraping kind of device that I dropped in the shower and broke. Do you know anyone who can smooth the sharp edges out for me?


  2. I’m holding out for a season of Biblical rains…


  3. We may be getting back to a normal weather phase. Funny about California’s officialdom attention. They waited a year to notice the drought, then applied over-use fines, remedial re-education classes, sanctions and the usual hysteria. Drought’s not good, did hurt farmers. But it doesn’t seem as bad as advertised. There’s so darn much money in gloom and doom. And yes, Kate, me too…hope it rains.


  4. I intend to dance for days with Joy and gratitude when it begins. Yes, it WILL rain!


  5. We so need the rain! I’ve been praying for it and was excited to see the forecast for Thursday. I hope it doesn’t pass us by, again


  6. My cement is uncovered … I’m tempting fate! Bring it on!



  7. Let’s hope so! Rain Dancing here as well.


  8. Wash your cars! Then it will rain for sure!


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