Tribute to Honey Jack

I don’t like doing death announcements on my blog, but by now, most people know that Honey Jack (Koch) left us on Tuesday, the 16th. He went off the road going up to Pfeiffer Ridge.

I did not know Jack, other than seeing him around. But after his passing, I wish I had. Everyone I have spoken with has told me what a valuable, sweet, open hearted member of the community he was. I heard story after story about his contributions to his landlords, neighbors, and friends. Most of Big Sur Valley has benefitted by his presence in our midst, and he will be greatly missed by the community that loved him.

Photo by Trey Kropp.

photo from the Big Sur Bakery Cookbook.

Blessings on your journey, Jack. May you reunite with friends and loved ones.

6 thoughts on “Tribute to Honey Jack

  1. what an incredible human being he was, I am sure he leaves that beauty in the hearts of all who knew him, and for those who didn’t. God bless.

  2. He cared about everyone, everything. He gave freely and didn’t want to be paid. Jack knew so much about bees and their vulnerabilities, so he did all he could to educate others and encourage more bee keeping. Such a sweet soul, I know first responders tried valiantly to save him. I wish I had done more to let him know my appreciation for his gifts. Jack, you are missed.

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