Man and Woman stabbed last night in Big Sur

2:30 pm update – from a blog reader and a friend and fellow south coaster …

“I talked to Kenny Harlan @ Lucia last night on my way home from town when I saw 3 sheriff cars in his lot and had already passed LPNF engine, BSVFB engine and another vehicle at Packard beach turnout, just north of Lopez Point. He gave me some info and then I saw sheriff cars at the Willow Vista View and they were talking to campers in the lot who heard the altercation that happened at Willow Crk Beach. At that point they didn’t have the guy but they were going to go looking after getting as much info from the campers. The info they had was that a van came down from Monterey with a few people in it and they were at the beach. After some time the altercation broke out and I thought he said 2 people were stabbed, with the female driving to Lucia (who was also stabbed) to report it.”

And, as I’ve said, word is he was caught.

2:00 pm – word on the South Coast is that a suspect has been caught. Further details as they become available.

10:00 am – According to KION, the stabbings occurred approximately 9 pm last night, Oct. 3, about 5 miles from Lucia Lodge. Both victims were airlifted out due to the remoteness of the incident. There is no suspect, yet. No motive was given, and the exact location is also not provided. Others may have more information. If I find out anything additional, I will add it to this post.

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