A tree grows in Big Sur

Yesterday, I received this short article and photo from Howard Jones, and I liked it so much, I asked if I could reprint it here. I loved that it tells a story that is so indicative of Big Sur.

“The Winter after the 2008 Basin Complex Fires in Big Sur was wet, with any number of mudslides…falling branches, crashing trees, etc. Yet, it was no where near as catastrophic as we were prepared for…thank goodness . One of my favorite stories during that time was of a smallish Sycamore tree that had slid down a slope in a mudslide. Instead of discarding it, the men working that day moved the displaced tree to one of the larger dirt “pull-offs” along HWY 1 and set it up to bury its roots and rejoice in its new, and much safer, home. At the time, it was about 6-8 feet tall…
I had mentioned this story to my mother a few weeks back and today I was able to actually allow her to meet ‘face-to-face’ with ‘the tree that grows in Big Sur.’
I get a very special feeling whenever I drive by that tree and that spot. The Love & Renewal Energies cause my smile muscles to explode and a wave of
Cosmic…”ALL IS WELL!!!” washes over me.
As you can see, that little tree is alive, well and quite a healthy young adult!’
take care, Howard”
howard jones photography

By the way, he has some wonderful photographs of our coast and has had exhibitions from Ventana to Carmel.


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