1 pm – It started somewhere around 8 am down here … Just a drizzle that didn’t even register on the rain gauge. Eventually, it turned into a real, genuine, gentle wetness. I have currently registered .30″ – much more than I was led to expect, and each and every drop met with a welcoming smile – even down to the wet, dirty, muddy dog prints all over my hardwood floor. I’ll mop tomorrow.

Are you enjoying this? How much have you received? Next Friday is our next chance, so rejoice in the sweet moisture today.

5 thoughts on “Rain

  1. We got it here too, at Plaskett Creek campground! Im so thrilled! Even though I’ll have 10 muddy bathroom floors to mop, but it’s worth it! We want the rain, so we can get our fire back. Bring on the rain!

  2. I don’t have a rain gage, but it’s poured buckets off and on for the last two days. The wind gusts have been up around 90 mph in places. Oh so thrilling.

  3. Nothing as exciting as Gunta’s weather, but I share Kate’s enthusiam. Mid Carmel Valley gentle into, as you said, a genuine rain, filling the usual place in the gutter on the roof so that it poured out like a waterfall. Fantastic!!! and followed by a gorgeous sky of billowy clouds, shining leaves, and the chance the river will flow once more. What a day indeed.

  4. I love those kinds of storms … As long as I am warm and dry inside, Gunta.

    And Barbara, yes, a waterfall at my rain gutter! 😅 Makes me happy, knowing my plants are happy.


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