Monarch Count

Dear Neighbors,

The Monarch’s need our help to get a good count of their numbers between now and early December. Ann Wasser of the PG Museum needs you to let her know if you or a neighbor or friend has places where Monarch’s are roosting/passing through to get a good count of their numbers. They found over 500 in my eucalyptus trees this morning!

If you can help, it is most appreciated. Also, if you could send them out to the Carmel Highlands Association and/or Mal Paso Association email lists that would be espeially helpful. Please notify Ann with any information you might have

email address above and also

Thank you,


2 thoughts on “Monarch Count

  1. we don’t live there but do they need help counting them one time at the monarch grove or nearby? I saw one flying around at the PG cemetery the other day, beautiful!

  2. We have some here in Plaskett Creek campground, mostly behind site #23 so please be kind if campers are there. Lots just flying around too.

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