3-month precipitation and drought conditions

Issued by NOAA today, Nov. 20:



If this prediction is accurate, it is good news for California. Along those lines, I received .30″ for this last storm, and ready for the next! Just finished charging up my batteries, firewood is loaded into my inside wood box, chili is heating in the crock pot. Yes, I am ready. There is a possibility of thunderstorms this afternoon. Could be fun.

Oh, and yes, there were a series of earthquakes last night around 11 pm, centered just south of San Juan Bautista. The largest measured 4.2.

3 thoughts on “3-month precipitation and drought conditions

  1. It already feels like an El Nino, mild but it has the feel. We are early in the season but we are in a wet(ter) pattern for sure. I hope the chart above is wrong and they can claim an El Nino is indeed present.

  2. no wonder we couldn’t sleep last night! Kate, this is wonderful news about the drought. a wonderful Thanksgiving gift for all of us!

  3. Kate, would you post this on the YKYFBSI page. I think it would interest everyone. It even looks like drought will be lifted in parts of Texas. Tzila will be happy to hear it!

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