Overnight closure of SouthboundHighway One at Highway 68

This is as clear as any opaque item, at least to me. It appears there will be a working detour, with signs, but darned if I can figure it out based on this description.



      MONTEREY – An overnight project to stabilize a highway embankment will require the full

      closure of the southbound Highway 1/Highway 68 west connector ramp beginning Monday

      night, April 6, Caltrans officials have announced.


Overnight roadwork will require this connector ramp closure for four nights starting Monday, April 6 through Thursday, April 9 from 8 pm to 6 am the next day. A signed detour will be in place directing traffic south to Ocean Ave. then return northbound using the adjacent frontage road back onto Hwy. 1, following signs back to the northbound Hwy. 68 off-ramp.


NOTE: No two consecutive ramps will be closed at one time. Electronic Message Signs will be posted to alert motorists, who can expect delays not to exceed 10 minutes, which is the estimated time to complete the detour. 


Roadwork will consist of stabilizing the slope adjacent to the southbound Hwy. 1/Hwy. 68 connector due to slide damage last December. Roadwork is expected to be complete by Friday morning, April 10.


The contractor for this $281,000 project near the Community Hospital is Monterey Peninsula of Marina, CA.

3 thoughts on “Overnight closure of SouthboundHighway One at Highway 68

  1. This is one of those old comprehension tests from the 9th grade. I was never very good at those. What I got is the southbound onramp to the hospital will be closed for 4 nights in April.

  2. LOL. Having spent the last 15 years of my legal career writing briefs, clarity is a virtue only surpassed by brevity. This is neither. The title specifically says “closure of Southbound Highway One” … Reminds me of the specificity my engineer father always required. It was why he often failed the DMV written tests the first time. Too much analysis.


  3. let’s hope nobody is driving themselves to the ER from Monterey those nights.

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