Happy Easter!

2:00 pm – I’ll be darned … Rain. It began around 1:30, and by 2 I had received .02″ and increased to .06″ an hour. Also had to build a fire in the first time in …. Hmm … Can’t remember. I am going to so enjoy this afternoon. Already had the company and the ham, rain started and Rock Knocker went home. I’m going to enjoy a quiet afternoon with a fire and a movie. Perfect Easter. Oh, and there is a “hanger” – a huge tree down, but caught up. Ralph said it was spooky, like a tunnel to drive through. Was going to town tomorrow, but rethinking that.

 Doesn’t  look like much, if any Rain, for Big Sur tonight, but Tuesday through Wednesday looks good! I am watching the clouds come in from just about every direction, though. Also starting to layer up, and thinking of bringing in more firewood. All good things. Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate this holiday.


5 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Happy Easter from the state of Wash. We have had 13.66 of rain all ready this year, wish I could send some your way.

  2. Hope it was a lovely Easter. We got quite a bit of rain here. Can’t measure just how much, but it felt GOOD! Here’s to wet Easter bonnets! 🙂

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