Chance of Thunderstorms?

  From my SLO Meterologist:

 “For today, an upper-level low-pressure system is drawing plenty of tropical moisture from the remnants of Hurricane Blanca northward  into the Central Coast. Widely scattered sprinkles or rain showers  will move into the Central Coast later this morning into tonight.

  There is also a chance of thunderstorms throughout the region  this afternoon. Thunderstorms with lightning activity are expected  to develop in the Sierra Nevada and Tehachapi Mountains and perhaps in far Eastern San Luis Obispo County today. As the upper-level  low crosses the Central Coast during the overnight hours, there is potential for thunderstorms activity to continue through Wednesday morning.”

And from NWS, Monterey:


4 thoughts on “Chance of Thunderstorms?

  1. That Cabo hurricane cast a wide blanket. Winds here at Crossroads/Rio Road were gusting to 30 mph at daybreak today. It’s beautiful.

  2. After the really HOT day yesterday, leaving the sliders open when I went to bed, I found I had to close one to cut down on the hurricane winds. Love it.


  3. I was fooled by both the Nepenthe Cam and the Condor Cam this morning. Before heading down both showed sun shining over the majority of Big Sur. At Hurricane Point the temp was 68 degrees, brilliant winds but no sun. Great clouds though. At Coast Gallery the temp was 57 degrees with a great mix of fog and hurricane influenced higher clouds. No sun but a heck of a cloud show. I can imagine you have enjoyed a spectacular show from your vantage point Kate.

  4. I started getting rain at 5:30. Not heavy, of course, didn’t clean all the dust off my car, but did get my deck completely wet. Still sprinkling at 6:20.


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