Plaskett Fire Development – Arson?

I’ve been watching WildCAD change the IC every 12 hours on the Plaskett Fire since it was supposedly out, and I wondered what that was about. Today I found out. I had company today, including Rock Knocker. Plaskett Ridge Rd was closed at the bottom to all but local traffic … Still. Rock Knocker and an other couple came up to my place and passed the Point of Origin. RK tried to take a photo, but was stopped by those present, because … “It was a crime scene.” They were sifting and looking for evidence. Heads up, we have a possible arsonist in the neighborhood.

~ by bigsurkate on June 15, 2015.

3 Responses to “Plaskett Fire Development – Arson?”

  1. I heard it was a car that made a turn around in the grasslands and the hot underbody of the car/truck caught the grass on fire. That’s always a concern in dry grass.


  2. Yes, Lisa, that’s what witnesses thought it was. USFS apparently are concerned it was not that, so investigating as arson.

    bigsurkate on iPhone



  3. I called 911 for a resident on Plasket Ridge Rd who was notified of the fire by the driver of the car that started it. I have the drivers info the vehicle info and the owner of the vehicles info and I told the 911 operator that I would have the info for USFS if they needed it but no one has attempted to make contact with me.
    I will attempt to contact them tomorrow.


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