Cuesta Fire Update #2

6:30 pm – I’ve variously heard south of the RR tracks, and south of 58. LPF tweeted at5:00 that it was 500 acres. Major issues with spotting per Air Attack – “this thing’s spotting all over the place.” From my view above the clouds, smoke drift into the canyons is becoming more and more pronounced. Nothing else seems to be going on, and since the Cuesta fire is moving in a northerly and easterly direction, and is wind driven, I suspect it is filling up the valley and then making its way here through the passes. Don’t quote me.

4:30 They are evacuating Santa Margarita, south of the RR tracks

Cuesta Fire has jumped containment lines and appears to be off and running.


~ by bigsurkate on August 17, 2015.

3 Responses to “Cuesta Fire Update #2”

  1. Historically rough area to fight fire in. It looks like fire command is using the railroad tracks in Santa Margarita as a northern break and pushing it south, away from town towards Pozo. Evacuations are in place for homes south of the tracks but surely those properties have structure protection crews in place. Once it gets clear of town they will chase it towards Santa Margarita Lake. Beyond that are ranches and the structure support teams will leapfrog ahead of the flames to watch those structures. The issue is Cal Fire is stretched thin. Resources are spread out over the state. No doubt some from the Jerusalem Fire personnel are being demobbed out and will head to Santa Margarita.


  2. Thanks for your explanations, Mike. It is a tough one, but weather MAY cooperated tonight … Or we can so hope, anyway.



  3. our thoughts are with everyone. Thanks for keeping us updated.


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