Woman dies from fall at McWay Falls

Yesterday, a reader reported to me a woman fell to her death at McWay Falls. Unfortunately, I was not able to post, as I was busy buying a badly needed new truck. Today, the Herald reports she was attempting to climb over a fence when she fell 50 feet. It took authorities several hours to be able to recover her body. It was not immediately clear if she died from the trauma of the fall, or if she drowned. Access to the bottom of the falls and its beach are prohibited.

Every year, someone falls to their death along the cliffs of Big Sur … All preventable.

~ by bigsurkate on August 29, 2015.

6 Responses to “Woman dies from fall at McWay Falls”

  1. I am surprised more tourists don’t fall to their death along this coast.


  2. JPB has certainly become an epicenter or vortex for bad decision-making. People parking in the traffic lanes, the woman who managed to run herself over, etc. Now we can add the woman who thought it would be a good idea to climb over a fence on the edge of a cliff.


  3. A 20 year old straight A nursing student, no less.


  4. That is so sad … I must wonder what she was thinking?



  5. Dreadfully sad. I still think there should be some warnings about the altered emotional state of being in Big Sur, people who are sensitive to the enormity of this place are almost drugged from the atmosphere and land and sky and water. If you are released, liberated from a constrained life or environs or work or people, BAM, it can just take you away.


  6. Per SLO Trib, she drowned…Probably knocked unconscious from the fall….


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