Smoke hanging Heavy on the South Coast

10:30 am – Cone Peak is now visible. Still a hazy kind of effect, but given the Rough, Butte, and Valley Fire east and north, I would expect that.

7:30 am – first thing I noticed when I woke a bit ago was the smoke obliterating Cone Peak…literally can’t see it. First thing I checked was WildCAD where I found this:

09/12/2015 18:21 LPF-2929
New Wildfire Jolon and Mission . . . . . 35.962 x 121.165

Couldnt see it last night, so based on what I’m seeing, it looks to have gotten rather large. Given the horrific fire in Lake County yesterday and how fast it grew in just a few hours, it is not surprising. “CAL Fire updated acreage to 40,000 on their website 22 minutes ago…. Let that sink in, it went from from dispatch to 40k in probably less then 15 hours.” (From Wildland Fire)

I will be keeping my eyes open, both in the physical world outside, and the cyber one online for additional information, but CHP reported a traffic hazard on 101 in San Ardo after 9 pm, but no details as to what that hazard was. Given proximity, it COULD be smoke.

2 thoughts on “Smoke hanging Heavy on the South Coast

  1. I live on Cape Cod but grew up in California and have a sister who lives in Big Sur. how worried are you about fire in your immediate area? I am so grateful for this website!

  2. Barbara, not worried at all, at this point. It is on the other side of Ft. Hunter Leggett from us. While the latitude is the same as my place, the longitude puts it far enough away not to worry. If that changes, I will post here.

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