10:00 am – My SLO forecaster has this to say about today and tomorrow:

“In fact, the European weather model is advertising nearly a half of an inch of rain today into Tuesday. So far this morning, many stations have reported between a trace and 0.04 of an inch of rain.

Scattered thundershowers may develop along the Tehachapis, Sierra Nevada and higher elevations of Santa Lucia Mountains. Today’s high temperatures will range between the mid 60 and high 70s throughout
the Central Coast.”

At 8:00 am, I noticed drops on my deck. My rain gauge isn’t recording anything yet, but it is definitely raining. Drops on the deck and drops on the windows. My two most sensitive dogs are acting like there is thunder about, also, although I can’t hear anything, myself. The dawn brought the look of rain – dark, overcast, and it was right. Anything will help settle the dust! Welcome! Make yourself at home, rain!

One thought on “Rain!

  1. Drops on my deck here, 12 miles NE of Cambria. No thunder but mini-thunderous thrumming of 12 hummers at feeder outside open window. Coyotes in the night set the dogs off.

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