This morning’s rain a teaser?

while not enough to do much more than cut the dust, I did have to close a couple north-facing Windows about 3:30 am, but if my SLO weather caster is correct, it is just a harbinger of things to come … Sweet forecast:

“A 998 millibar low pressure system is forecast to move southward through the middle of California. The associated cold front is expected to produce increasing southerly winds and rain Sunday afternoon into Monday morning. At this time, rainfall amounts are expected to range between half of an inch and one inch
with greater amounts along the north coast, such as Cambria and San Simeon. A few scattered rain showers may continue into Tuesday. Otherwise, high-pressure will produce increasing northwesterly winds and clearing skies on Wednesday into next Friday.”

~ by bigsurkate on October 1, 2015.

2 Responses to “This morning’s rain a teaser?”

  1. This is a beautiful photo! Yesterday was an amazing day for Rainbows and prisms and antimated clouds.


  2. Now my weather guy has downgraded the amt if rain we are likely to get, but lightning in Santa Lucia’s still likely.


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