El Niño Journal – Jan. 10, 1998


Yesterday’s meeting was long – it lasted until almost 2 pm. The last two hours of the meeting, the rain was quite heavy. I canceled the town run – went to River Inn for gas, bread, and muffins. Then went to Fernwood for a quick hamburger. Got home by 4:30.

It was a slow  drive home, between the rain, the rocks, and the non-working window defroster….

The rain is supposed to continue throughout the day today and then another storm developing Sunday afternoon. Predictions are for the rain to continue through Wednesday.

Even though some scientists are claiming that El Niño is weakening, others are stating that this is the beginning of its effects on the California Coast. The storms are stacking up out in the Pacific. In the last 24 hours we have recorded 2.7″, a significant amount…

Looking back at the rain totals for the last few years at the end of January we had:

1995 – 36″

1996 – 21″

1997 – 65″

Of course, in 1997 the rain pretty much ended at the end of January, and in 1995, March was the month of floods and the collapse of the Carmel River Bridge and 1996 was a relatively dry year.

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