El Niño Journal – Jan 9, 1998

“Friday, January 9th – Obviously, I haven’t written much this week. This morning I have an hour before I have to lave for the Big Sur multi-Agency Advisory Council meeting at 10 am. There is a storm here today and [Rock Knocker] has told me I CANT drive Highway One in the rain, in the dark.

The meeting is expected to go until 1:30, but the agenda is PACKED with some very controversial issues, so I can’t imagine it will finish on time. I will have to leave by 2pm or I won’t be able to get to [town and then back to] the dirt by dark. [during meeting] Currently, the Pt. Sur naval facility is involving more time than I thought it would involve. Most of this large audience – the largest I’ve ever seen – is here for the Short Term Rental Ordinance. [ed. Note – somethings never change.]”

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