I don’t know what the weather reports are, but I can tell you what I am seeing – and that is lightning. It is SSE of here on the other side of Willow somewhere. Can’t hear any thunder, so it is not close, but probably SLO Co or further south. That means the possibility of down strikes, which means possible wildfires. Keep an eye out, where ever you are. Fire season is not over until it’s over. And those lightning strikes could be headed our way. I’ll be keeping an eye out for a bit longer, but gotta get moving a tad earlier than usual tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Lightning

  1. Last night, heading north on my town run, from Post Ranch on, I saw almost constant flashes over the ridge summits to the east. Going by Pico Blanco I witnessed a dramatic spectacle with huge flashing curtains of light and visible lightning bolts.

    I decided to cancel my plans to fish this weekend, not only because of a head injury, but also because of the chances of more afternoon convection and lightning …and perhaps still more for Saturday, as a new front of cold arctic air collides with that moist tropical air lingering over us.

    On Wednesday, around 3pm, our school,s Weather Element gauge documented the downpour of over a third inch of rain in fifteen minutes, along with a surprisingly steep drop on barometric pressure. And there was plenty of thunder!

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