Wildfire, LPF, Santa Barbara County – Gilbraltar Fire

From CAL FIRE at 0919 hrs.

• 60-70 acres, brush, 0% contained
• Moderate Rate of Spread
• 69 degrees, 55% RH, wind NNW @ 15 mph, increase with gusts to 40-50 mph
• Structures are threatened
• 12 Tankers assigned including VLAT
• CAL FIRE air and ground resources assigned

8:00 am – A wildfire broke out at 5:30 this morning on the Los Padr s National Forest above Montecito Hills. An evacuation warning has been issued, per KSBY. This is what has posted on WildCAD:

10/29/2015 05:30 LPF-3471
P5 J4XB (0507)
GIBRALTER Wildfire Camino Cielo . AA07LPF BC51LPF BR802CHU CRW3LPF CRW4LPF DOZ3LPF DOZ4LPF E335LPF E342LPF 4X E343LPF E352LPF E41LPF E44LPF E46LPF E47LPF 4X4 E55LPF E801CHU E803CHU PAT38LPF PAT44ALPF WT3LPF WT4LPF Capt342 w/ SBC BC510 Effective 25 (acres)

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