RAIN – it is finally here

It started down here before 6 am, and by 7 am it was raining cats ‘n dogs. By 7:30 am, I have had 1/2″ of rain, with no immediate end in sight. There are multiple problems on the roads in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties – 23 at last count. Trees are down, there is one mudslide in the Gilroy/Hollister area, and many, many traffic accidents. The winds are really beginning to howl … Enough to frighten the dogs and lend an eeriness to the sounds of the storm, gusting to 27mph.  If you must be out and about, do so with care, and report any concerns in the comments below, as I will be turning off the satellite internet for much of the day, and using the less-reliable cell. Satellite and wifi drain my solar system too much on a day without sun. Enjoy our first REAL storm of the season, but be aware of conditions.

8:00 am – via SLOStringer – #Breaking – Bluebird Inn in Cambria, large tree down onto at least 4 vehicles, reports of parties trapped. Emergency crews enroute. 8:00AM

10:00 am – Highway 101 NB at Cochrane in Gilroy is flooded, Lane 1, with one foot of water.

11:00 am – 2″ at Rocky Creek, 1 and 1/2″ at Garrapata, over 1″ here. Making its way north to south. Roads will be a mess. Take good care.

1:00 pm – rain stopped an hour ago or so, and there are scattered clouds, partial blue sky, and shadows on the ground.

~ by bigsurkate on November 2, 2015.

4 Responses to “RAIN – it is finally here”

  1. It’s always interesting for me to hear how you’re doing down there on the wild coast ridge, especially with rain and storms, and to see how it differs from here in PG. We’ve had a nice steady soaking rain since 3 am, no wind. It smells so clean and fresh outside! The hourly report says a break in rain around noon for a couple hours, and then thunderstorms this afternoon, but generally stopping by 5. Bring it on! I do hope you and the doggies are warm, dry and safe!


  2. 3:00 am at Crossroads we experienced heavy rain. It’s now a consistent shower. A perfect start to a promising wet season!


  3. Appreciate your update Kate, as my loved ones on Alms will also have satellite off for the day.
    Precious Rain! Yayy!


  4. 1.25″ as of 11:30 a.m. at Big Sur Station. A visitor reported a tree fall at Limekiln on one of the bridges on the trail to the falls, but that report is not confirmed.


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