CPOA annual meeting

Save the date! The Big Sur Coast Property Owners Association will conduct its 2015, year-end Annual Meeting on Tuesday, December 15th from 5:30 PM until 7:30 PM at the Big Sur Grange Hall.

NEW INFO: Ms. Casey Lucius, one of the announced candidates for the US Senate seat now held by Sam Farr will introduce herself at this meeting. You may ask questions and get some insight on her positions to issues as they may affect the Big Sur Community.

Representatives from the US Forest Service will be on hand to report and take questions from the audience on news and issues affecting local residents.

Supervisor Potter will be on hand as well as a Monterey County Planning Official to update the new Short Term Rental ordinance process.

State Senator Bill Monning has been invited and may attend if possible. There will also be an update on the community process for aligning the California Coastal Trail through the Big Sur planning area.

All Big Sur residents are encouraged to attend.

Rain Report, 12/10/15

8:30 am – It began at 3 am, soft, gentle, only s few sprinkles. By Dawn, it was only .04″. After 7 am, it picked up, but while still gentle, it was steady. It is up to .31″ so far. Nice. The reports I read indicated this would start this afternoon. Caught me, but I was ready anyway. Nice fire going … Started the back up genie for a couple hours to make sure I have power all day, and all but one of the dogs inside. Have unseen movies, but need more books for winter. Recommendations gladly accepted.

PNW to get hammered, and Northern Cali, too. Here on the Central Coast, we will be less so. This storm to last through Friday, with temps dropping, another one Sunday through Monday with temps continuing to drop and snow possible by Monday. And so it begins … The parade of winter storms under the direction of El Niño 2015-2016.