It feels like snow

5:00 pm – so much for Accuweather today. No snow. No rain. Just clouds. Could be rain before dawn, but who really knows? Even Weatherunderground said 90% chance of rain today. It’s really voodo, so we need a witch doctor, not a Meterologist!

11:55 – it now says it will snow in 5 mins, but I doubt it. It is only partially cloudy, and there is sunshine at the moment.

10:00 am – from my accuweather app:


8:30 am – It is only down to 36 degrees, but it feels like I could get snow up here later today. It is only 49 inside, so I’m working on warmth this morning … Built up the fire, but it takes time. My only other thoughts today are to keep the two alpha females from fighting. It’s a simple life I am leading at the moment.